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Will you help me choose what materials to use?

Yes as a part of the initial consultation our experienced designers can help you choose the best material for your project.

Should I refinish my cabinets or buy new cabinets?

We do not do any cabinet refinishing. You will always have better results and better value getting cabinets that are custom fitted to your space to create a unique feel and get exactly what you are looking for in your home.

How do you compare to other companies in the area?

We are one of the top luxury designers in the greater Calgary area.

What are the approximate costs involved?

Costs are determined by the uniqueness of the job. Please call us for an in house appointment to get a better idea of your needs. 

What is the process for Kitchen & Bathroom remodelling?

We offer a comprehensive experience where all of your needs and desires will be looked after with no small detail over looked. We start with a phone consultation and will meet with you in person to discuss the scope of your project. After that we will take site measurements and photos and create your preliminary design. Your design will be presented to you as a 3D computer model.

Do you provide services for commercial & businesses?

Yes we provide supply and design services to new home building contractors, renovation contractors, architects and interior designers.

What is the timeframe of your projects?

Timeframe is determined by the selections, style and size of the project. Please call us for an in house appointment to get a better idea of the scope of work.

What does CUSTOM cabinet mean?

Custom cabinets are designed and manufactured to fit your space exactly. This allows you to have complete control over your space and select exactly what you want and need tp build real value and efficiency into your home. If you read through any of our projects, you will read about many features before you even notice them in a picture. This is because there are simply so many fine details implemented into our work they are hard to even show in a few pictures.

What does a professional design guarantee me as a client?

- It guarantee's that your project will be timeless and look new and current for another 30 years to come
- It ensures that all of the colors, tones and patterns that are selected compliment all aspects of your home to promote a unified feel
- It sky rockets the resale value of your home and boosts the comfort and efficiency value
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