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Interior Design

Create Longevity And Value With Professional Design

Project Planning

Plan your project with a professional interior designer to eliminate pitfalls and headaches
An interior designers role to help you in your project will include creating a plan to make sure everything gets done properly. Our designer will help you gather ideas and inspiration and put them down in a solid plan so nothing gets missed. They will compile a list of materials and create a timeline for your project.

Paint & Color Selection

Make the right color choices to create the proper mood and feel for your space
Creating a proper color pallet for your project is a huge key to how the space will feel. We will start by consulting with our client about what colors they would like in the space then examining the largest existing patterns. From this we can come up with suggestions that will compliment every space perfectly.

Window Options

From blinds to drapes get help choosing great style for your home
Windows treatments affect how light enters the room or how much can be blocked out. We will help you decide on the most stylish options for your windows. Whether it's blinds or curtains we will help you create rooms that compliment your home.

Rugs & Flooring

Find the best products to accompany your space.
Rugs are flooring are essential factors in color and pattern. Even though you don't want to cover up elegant hardwood flooring, rugs can help soften a space. Flooring color is also important to fill out the feel of any room. We will help you make choices that are as durable as they are beautiful.

Furniture Placement & Staging

Get a layout that fits the room and project
An efficient home comes from an efficient layout. Our designer will help you plan proper walking pathways and display the best of your home through placement and staging.
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