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About ACE Cabinets

Learn About Our Companies 30 Years of Service To You


We provide a comprehensive renovation experience from design to installation to create your dream space.
ACE Cabinets was created to incite the freedom of design for Frank Albus the owner and lead designer. Using years of experience in the industry ACE Cabinets provides only the best custom designs for your home. 

What does a sound design guarantee for you as our client?
- It guarantee's that your project will be timeless and look new and current for another 30 years to come
- It ensures that all of the colors, tones and patterns that are selected compliment all aspects of your home to promote a unified feel
- It sky rockets the resale value of your home and boosts the comfort and efficiency value

What does custom mean and what is it's value to you?
Custom cabinets are designed and manufactured to fit your space exactly. This allows you to have complete control over your space and select exactly what you want and need tp build real value and efficiency into your home. If you read through any of our projects, you will read about many features before you even notice them in a picture. This is because there are simply so many fine details implemented into our work they are hard to even show in a few pictures.

Our Mission:
Is to create a custom, unique, high quality and timeless project that will amaze both you and your friends while boosting the comfort and efficiency of your home. We strive to deliver projects that are thought out better than the competition where no small detail is over looked.

Our Customers:
Are particular about what they want. They are willing to spend the time, effort and budget to fulfill their vision of the project. We only deal with people that are interested creating a unique project that cannot be fulfilled by generic products and reap the benefits of fully customized design.

Each picture on our website represents the taste budget and needs for the person in that home at that time. 

We serve home owners and contractors alike to supply and design the finest quality of custom cabinets in the Calgary area.



Owner, Founder And Design Expert
Frank Albus is an experienced kitchen and bath designer of 30 years. He is an NKBA and CKD certified journeyman and is passionate about designing kitchens, cooking, jokes and classic collector cars. 

He worked for several competitors before starting ACE Cabinets in order to escape the confines of corporate life and bring a new and unrestricted perspective to the industry designing multiple award winning projects for various contractors.

Frank has a passion for cooking and because of this knows exactly how to optimize a kitchen for both elegance and efficiency of use. With an unprecedented eye for detail his workmanship and service will not leave you disappointed.

He has a great sense of humor and can always appreciate a good joke. Any time you need help with something he is there to answer questions and help guide you towards making the right choices to bring your project to the next level.
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