Laundry Room

ACE Cabinets transformed a small laundry room into a functional and elegant space with their unique design and exceptional attention to detail. The laundry room features premium faucets and appliances, along with a large countertop area that provides ample space for folding and sorting clothes. The flat slab cabinets used in this space contribute to the minimalist and modern aesthetic, giving the room a sleek and uncluttered appearance.

One of the standout features of this laundry room is the undermount sink, which adds a touch of luxury to the space. The 42-inch counters provide ample space for a variety of tasks, making this laundry room highly functional and easy to use. The neutral color palette used in this space gives the room a calm and relaxing feel, making it the perfect place to take care of household chores.

The simplicity and functionality of this laundry room are what make it so special. With the right design and features, even the most utilitarian spaces can be transformed into beautiful and functional areas that contribute to the overall aesthetic of a home. ACE Cabinets truly created a masterpiece with this laundry room, one that will serve its owners for years to come.

Flat slab cabinets help make this space feel larger than it is. 

Style: Flat Slab Painted
Layout: Laundry
Square Feet: 160
Features: Quarts Counter, Undermount Sink, 42 Inch Counters
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